The Missing Ink - hand with pen drawing a line

The Missing Ink

The Missing Ink or The lost art of handwriting: I remember those days when I dreamed of receiving a set of pens in my birthday, it was something really special it was like a door to my imagination, a tool that later directed me to visual arts and then Graphic Design. The need I had to fill notebooks with signs and codes, the value and importance they had for me was incalculable. I do not in any way devalue the evolution not only to digital that happened throughout this process. I allow myself to use the word “incredibly spectacular”.

I don’t want in any way to confuse my opinion in relation to handmade vs digital: so regarding to this topic I am confident, clear and also all in favor of progress and evolution. Without any doubt that this whole phenomenon of globalization that we are leaving since long time brought both positive and negative impacts in all levels such as economic, social, cultural and political.

I know as a fact that handwritten positively affects brain development and can make us smarter. The effects of writing experience in the development of functional brain in preliterate children. Handwriting therefore may facilitate reading acquisition in young children because it boosts the brain. “The practice helps with learning letters and shapes, can improve idea composition and expression, and may aid fine motor-skill development”. Also the adults can benefit in the same way to learn a new graphical language other than the mother tongue, such as Mandarin, or systems of symbols for math, music and chemistry.

If you ask the question: In the digital age, the manuscript still matter? My answer is yes, because clearly a lot more than just a communication tool, the act of writing by hand seems to be an important element for learning and personal development.

We currently use text messages and images to communicate more than never before. This phenomenon undoubtedly contributes for a remarkable evolution in the writing and the way to communicate with each other. With the emergence of twitter the abbreviations and hashtags although they are almost illegible tweets are a tool that a great number of humans use to communicate or interact with each other. This case makes me believe that shorter is better because. It takes some level of skill to do it well bearing in mind that 40-character limit forces us to make every word count. We must keep in mind that writing short and well isn’t easy.
If social media benefits language specially the writing: Is it the way of communicating with each other becoming increasingly writing than spoken? Believing that everything undergoes a continuous evolution also language is not an exception and technology is a healthy part of that evolution an like all the tools we use to facilitate our existence.

Do you remember learning to write or even the smell of the missing Ink?