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To Instantly Boost Your Confidence Be(you)full The “People Observation” technique -Street style -

Be(you)full The “People Observation” technique -Street style -

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The Body

Maybe our bodies have something to do with our continued existence; as long as my body continues to exist, I continue to exist.

The Soul

You are a person. Presumably, you used to be a younger person.

Many people feel and believe that what we are is not something material, but rather something immaterialThe dualists says the mind is missing, the materialist something else. Others add that while we think of the stones the stones will never think of us. With this I do not want in any way to penetrate the universe of philosophy, only a small reflection. In fact since 2008 that I am developing and deeply trying to understand the subject represented in the video above and so far I can say that it is a very complicated simplicity.


Distinction between humans

While some people take the field of aesthetics, broadly construed, to include the philosophy of art, it is instructive to examine whether and where the two notions diverge. To better understand the topic I decided to do a research in “the difference between need and desire in marketing. Recognizing that stereotypes and prejudices ” may be an obstacle or contradiction to my answer.

Intuitively, we use aesthetic terms to describe nature, as when we call a human “beautiful.”

I am


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