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It's overthinking a problem or a big problem?

Since my childhood I like to think. I like to put myself on the position of the other and thus try to understand situations not only the social level, professional as well the personal.
Sometimes it is very difficult to find the middle ground, I mean the balance or that button which turns on or off, I want to say “stop thinking.”
When the constant thinking becomes like a bad habit or a type of addiction I believe that in this case the most difficult point is to be able to stop thinking.
Most of the times I get paid to think so in a way it’s good because at least there is an reasonable reason “getting paid to think”, but many times when returning home after work I still always thinking on expectations to find the best solution and to understand unsolved problem or also to put thoughts of situations in a place that I believe to be correct.
It’s like a kind of challenging ourselves which in most cases does not lead us anywhere unless spending hours and hours with an internal monologue just like pop ups those annoying ads on the computer monitor. Believe me thinking too much besides complicating the problem or situation will definitely also help you to create other problems in addition to the existing ones. So do not even think twice concerning this matter.
Sometimes “with the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future,” I live now and I am happy with that.

Remember, you are what you see and what you think I strongly believe that your thoughts create your reality so it's time get busy and break that routine of thinking.

When you reach that point of confusion which somehow starts to affect your professional life but most of all your personal life. In this case I would advise you that from the twenty-four hours of your day please take just ten honest minutes for yourself and ask yourself some simple, basic but fundamental questions:

  • Am I running over-analysis or useful analysis?
    Usually problems are not simple to solve especially if we do not have an external hand. If you notice that your thinking goes into a continuous loop from already several hours or days it means that your unconscious or something inside himself insists on the same thought is likely that you are running too much analysis.
  • Sometimes I remind myself STOP thinking “Kit Kat – take a break”. And sometimes this is the right time just like the magic moment you stop and the solution  appears!
  • If not the case do not worry after a pause, return to the problem but this time with a positive thought, use the analysis to achieve your goal.
negative thinking

One day Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” I believe that this is most likely not what he had in mind.
[38a] and if again I say that to talk every day about virtue and the other things about which you hear me talking and examining myself and others is the greatest good to man, and that the unexamined life is not worth living, you will believe me still less. This is as I say, gentlemen, but it is not easy to convince you. Besides, I am not accustomed to think that I deserve anything bad. If I had money, I would have proposed a fine, (Plato. Plato in Twelve Volumes, Vol. 1 translated by Harold North Fowler; Introduction by W.R.M. Lamb. Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press; London, William Heinemann Ltd. 1966.)

Below I share few steps to stop Overthinking


1- Face the problem by knowing the reason.
An study concluded that 32,827 people from 172 countries showed that life events were the main predictors of stress, followed by family history, income and education, relationship status, and social inclusion.

2- Become the ultimate skeptic and stop worrying about your negative thoughts.
Remember that being a skeptic doesn’t mean you’re cynical about everything.
when you have something in your head and somehow is connected to someone is preferable to talk to them immediately and try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Preferable than keeping the thought and let it grow inside.

3- Avoid depression and depression disorder.
If is the case ask for help and try to understand the symptoms and treatments. I know we always believe that it never happens to us or that we are always in the end of the list in this type of situations.

4- We are humans and sometimes we are very sensitive beings.
Think of yourself as being made up of four parts:

  • Mind Physical
  • Body
  • Heart
  • Spiritual aspect

5. You can get positive about negative thoughts.
Sometimes the most difficult moment of your life in the future can definitely be remembered as the best time of your life. sometimes the most difficult moment of your life in the future can definitely be remembered as the best time of your life. Try and figure out where the negative thoughts come from, you don’t have to accept them instead you can make them better and adapt them to you and remember “forgive”. the best way to be okay to your self is “forgiveness”.

6- Nothing is perfect, we are not perfect and I personally believe that perfect decision is never a bold one.
you will waste too much time looking for the perfection of their decisions also The preoccupation of your own decision will be by itself a big problem. do not worry about making a wrong decision because trough this decision you will gain experience and thus you will become the most powerful and intelligent. Did you know that you Boldness is respectable; carefulness never changed the world?

7- It will be better if you accept that you cannot control everything.
To take this decision does not mean that you’re defeated, quite the contrary, it can be considered a victory, because it does not seem to me an easy decision to make. If you think about it all the people you love, admire which may inspire you, they also made mistakes some time in their lives too. So do not worry everything will be fine.

  1. Try to spend more of your time in the present moment.
    Especially with your family they are very important in your existence. Your parents first of all.

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