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2015 The Must-Read SlideShares

2015 was a great year to Explore Knowledge and Innovation:

2015 / ExploringThe Electronic Journal of Knowledge.

On this page are represented my  favorite reading selection of 2015 “the must-read SlideShare.” It is good to admit that 2015 was a fantastic year in which everything happened at an incredible speed. Rich and detailed response I used it mostly for exploring knowledge and and attitudes regarding to the world and digital phenomenon.

Exploring Knowledge Processes to understand Economy and Society

LinkedIn today plays a crucial as information vehicle for exploring knowledge and comparing perspectives, beliefs and world views. Slideshare it’s open, free and available to any individual in society. Great tool for accessing and share needed Information in the world where every second happens faster than never before.

Five Ways Brands Can Use Meerkat or Periscope For Marketing

10 Life Lessons From Oprah Winfrey
- Be Responsible for your Own Life.

Activate Tech and Media Outlook 2016

State of Startups 2015

How to build a great coding culture

A failure of imagination...

Oprah Winfrey: The Secret of My Success from Stanford Graduate School of Business


“Don’t Follow Your Passion”: Ben Horowitz’s Commencement Speech at Columbia University from a16z

Now Google Inbox Answers Your Email! The Future is now / The tech news today

2015 Future of Cloud Computing Study

PSFK 2017 Forecast - Summary Report

PSFK Future of Retail 2016 Summary Report

How Change Happens

The Human Body in the IoT.

What is the Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of NO Things

7 Lessons for Aspiring Leaders

Go-to-Market Best Practices for Startups

9 Amazing Companies Apple Bought in 2015

The dark side of...

Taming Context in the Internet of Things

Why Performance matters? One of my favourites.

Questions to ask about Artificial Intelligence

The Tangible Mind

Who Likes You?

Continuous Product Improvement