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2015 The Must-Read SlideShares

2015 was a great year to Explore Knowledge and Innovation:

2015 / ExploringThe Electronic Journal of Knowledge.

On this page are represented my  favorite reading selection of 2015 “the must-read SlideShare.” It is good to admit that 2015 was a fantastic year in which everything happened at an incredible speed. Rich and detailed response I used it mostly for exploring knowledge and and attitudes regarding to the world and digital phenomenon.

Exploring Knowledge Processes to understand Economy and Society

LinkedIn today plays a crucial as information vehicle for exploring knowledge and comparing perspectives, beliefs and world views. Slideshare it’s open, free and available to any individual in society. Great tool for accessing and share needed Information in the world where every second happens faster than never before.

Five Ways Brands Can Use Meerkat or Periscope For Marketing

10 Life Lessons From Oprah Winfrey
- Be Responsible for your Own Life.

Activate Tech and Media Outlook 2016

State of Startups 2015

How to build a great coding culture

A failure of imagination...

Oprah Winfrey: The Secret of My Success from Stanford Graduate School of Business


“Don’t Follow Your Passion”: Ben Horowitz’s Commencement Speech at Columbia University from a16z

Now Google Inbox Answers Your Email! The Future is now / The tech news today

2015 Future of Cloud Computing Study

PSFK 2017 Forecast - Summary Report

PSFK Future of Retail 2016 Summary Report

How Change Happens

The Human Body in the IoT.

What is the Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of NO Things

7 Lessons for Aspiring Leaders

Go-to-Market Best Practices for Startups

9 Amazing Companies Apple Bought in 2015

The dark side of...

Taming Context in the Internet of Things

Why Performance matters? One of my favourites.

Questions to ask about Artificial Intelligence

The Tangible Mind

Who Likes You?

Continuous Product Improvement


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    Why do people pirate laptop or computer

    It’s safe to assume that shortly after the first desktops left store shelves, Someone was plotting a way of getting software for free. in a report from Business Software Alliance (BSA), Pirated software included 41 percent of all software on PCs worldwide [source of information: BSA]. The BSA also reports that piracy costs software companies billions of dollars in revenue. Skeptics point out that software lenders fund the BSA, Making its discoveries suspect. Whether you think that BSA’s statistic or not, so piracy remains a big concern for software companies.

    This concern has led companies to attempt to solve the problem through distinctive approaches with varying levels of success. Back in the early days of software piracy was around long before the Internet went public companies would include copy protection on their products. your vehicle, This consisted of a few lines of code that made it tough to copy the data from one medium onto another. But software protection took other forms as well: Many on-line computer games would require the player to refer back to a game manual or other physical element that shipped along with the game.

    Once the Internet and www hit the scene, Some companies began to understand various forms of digital rights management (DRM). Some DRM systems verify software by requiring a link between the user and a remote server containing the DRM application. The big drawback to this method is that if the company goes out of business or decides to shut the server down, The software on your computer or mobile device suddenly becomes useless because there’s no way to verify that you purchased it.

    Not all DRM policies are that extreme. But because of its nature, DRM places rules on the user. And because we’ve become accustomed to having the capability manage our belongings any way we see fit, DRM isn’t extraordinarily preferred with [url=]russian girls[/url] consumers. for example, in the united states, if you pick a book, You have a right to sell your purchase. But DRM boundaries often make it difficult, If not impossible, To sell a software program you’ve purchased and used. And it’s much easier to create a copy of a program than it is a novel or magazine.

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    Clearly, blood flow plays a major part in the maintenance of a wholesome penis. To have the correct effect the drug had to be taken three times per day and it gave a few of the patients muscle aches. There are a few side effects which were reported. A Startling Fact about Viagra Uncovered The impacts of the drug will take more time to kick in if it’s taken with food. If you get pills via an unregulated and unlicensed source you’ve got no clue what is in them. You only have to play with the dose to determine what works best. The Tried and True Method for Viagra in Step by Step Detail Today, sildenafil is offered in an assortment of forms. Also, health insurance policy coverage is widely denied by most medical insurance providers because ED is not regarded as life-threatening. An increasing number of research is slowing that poor sexual health is truly a function of poor cardiovascular well-being.
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    the couple who are a 99

    a promising pairing Erika: We met on OkCupid with a 99 per cent match

    Shawn: You’re giving it all away! This was a little over two often. We had both come out of pretty bad romance and we were both online dating. when you buy a match on OkCupid, You get a share that says how compatible you are.

    Shawn: So obviously I messaged her. We had planned to go on a walk, But it am hot, So instead we sat on a bench eating ice cream.

    Shawn: in my opinion,there’s no doubt we sat there for five hours. We had a lot in accordance. for sure.

    Story continues below listing

    Love on four wheels Erika: about a month in, We were lounging around talking about our dreams. I defined, I’m wondering about giving up my apartment, Selling all of my stuff and going around Canada in an RV.

    Shawn: And i used to like, so what? I’ve been wanting to do the same. And she doesn’t want kids. and he or she loves cats!

    Erika: We didn’t have a mortgage and neither of us found the whole white picket fence ideal very appealing. That opens up a lot of prospects. Initially, We searched into buying an RV and turns out they are super, Super higher-end.

    Shawn: And also not really can be lived in long term. After our hunt, We to be able to buy an old school bus instead. We spent the first summer gutting it and raising the cover. We’re now having the insulation process. It’s more involved than we thought.

    meet: He gave her his affection, She gave him her kidney chances are they’ll got married

    partner: romantic relationship gurus who met on a pub crawl

    accommodate: A couple almost as obsessed with nudism as they are about each other

    crazy beautiful latin girls cat couple Erika: I think it’s probably for the best that the bus has taken longer than we expected. We moved in together about a year ago, And we’ve pushed our routines in a slightly larger space.

    Shawn: Our goal pertaining to your bus is 2020. That’s when we’re getting married, So we figure it’s a perfect honeymoon.

    Story continues below promotion

    Erika: We started an Instagram be the reason for our bus life, So notice the progress we’ve made every summer. During the winter it’s mostly photos of our cats. we have three Storm, Aldous plus Ember.

    Shawn: I would say I’m all standing between Erika and darling] a crazy cat lady.

    Erika: the truth is. I may well 10 if it weren’t for Shawn. We’re already figuring out ways dealing with kitty litter on the bus. we’ve got some ideas.

    Live the best. We have a daily Life Arts news letter, that delivers our latest stories on health, take a trip, as well as culture. This is a space where subscribers can engage collectively and Globe staff. Non subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way.

    Log in Subscribe to comment Why do I need a subscription?

    thank you for visiting The Globe and Mail’s comment community. This is a space where subscribers can engage in the same room and Globe staff. Non subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way.

  8. ShaneCoave

    Tricks and Secrets on the way to Date

    i recently found another interesting site on dating Asian women that I wanted to pass along.

    Check out Asian Women in Asia for a new article by a well traveled guy who hasdated Asians in East Asia for a few years and was married to a Malaysian Chinese for 13 years. for example, In the Malaysia profile he covers, Among other ethnic sets,The distinction between Chinese whohave beeneducated in English and those educated in Chinese, And the risks for dating a westerner.

    When visiting Asian countries the first time, you may startled by the sheer numbers of very pretty, If not awesome, Girls smiling invitingly at you. Selecting will be very hard. And when you think you have found the one ideal treasure that you picked, You’ll quickly see a better one nearby. This is why most Americans end up dating many girls.

    One vexing inconvenience is that Asian girls can be very easy to attract but much harder to eradicate. They can fall in love before you know it and, Once in bed in hand, May assume it is your “one and only, this can lead to embarrassing encounters. It is very common for a girl to show up unannounced at your hotel door early in the morning just as you are waking up with someone else.

    you will find ways to handle this.

    One way is to have another room at a second nearby hotel and alternate your rendezvous. Another is to from time to time change your room at your main hotel and instruct the desk and switchboard operator to reveal your room number to no one.

    some men, When they have found a girl they are fascinated by but cannot stop the itch for another, Will limit their styles to one per city. this involves the cost and nuisance of hopping from island to island but it effectively thwarts trouble.

    because of the fact, also, there are certainly over 7,000 philippine islands with umpteen more cities, Your chances are limitless.

    A final key way to juggle different girls is to tell each one very directly that you’re “collecting” And will likely then be “selecting, If you are clear and firm about your goal to china girl photos meet “only some” Girls and will then decide upon your one heart mate, you would run into most will accept this explanation. They know intuitively you happen to be seeing other girls. If you say upfront, While assuring them they are in the running, They may not like it but will accept it and will appreciate your honesty in saying what most men don’t.

    The American man may classify US women as a tease, A ball breaker, no gold digger. Some are sexually economical. Others may play challenging to get. excessively they complain they are “Too taken” to “Not in the atmosphere, problem is, You never know which you are likely to get.

    The Asian girl is different. She may appear far more consistent in her approach to lovemaking. Her lifestyle breeds her to admire, support, appreciate her man, and constantly be there for him. anything her mood or spirits, She is there to “maintain” Her ex. She may gently and demurely commence sex. But more often she only will readily and happily acquiesce to her man’s move.

    I have had the experience of staying with a girl in my hotel and every time we returned from outside, She would close and latch the room door and rapidly take off her clothes as naturally as she breathed. to be brief, She always wants to make you happy.

    not surprisingly, It is common for an Asian woman, After making love with you, To suggest you rest while she washes your underwear and socks, And squeezes toothpaste from your tube onto your toothbrush and setting it by the sink awaiting your pleasure. Such caring affection is unknown to the western woman. It is an almost mind-numbing experience for the unaccustomed western man.

    with all the self-proclaimed Asians, I find the Chinese the oddest in making love. Many despise to kiss. I’m not sure deciding on inherited as part of their culture, Or can never based on their insistent demand for cleanliness. But it can be unsettling and frustrating for the man who would like to really make love rather than just having quick sex.

    generally speaking, You are experiencing a whole new world of lovemaking joy and fulfillment when you start dating Asian women.

    few wise to remember, “In Rome do just what the Romans do, Before visiting any Asian country it is imperative that you read about the costa rica government and the customs there. eg, In Singapore the straightforward act of spitting in public can get you arrested. Shoplifting and petty burglary is common in certain asian countries, Which is one reason you often see so many security guards in the malls, By stores and out of hotels. The point is not that you’d not commit such crimes yourself, But that eagle eyed security guards are constantly on the lookout.

    For the western man needing to meet girls, you can find one over riding caveat. Asian girls quickly fall madly in love and become easily jealous. ought to hurt her and/or show disrespect, She has “counterparts” Ready to make her aid. perhaps even, it’s major risk to “hit on” A girl known to take a boyfriend. Westerners doing this have found that they are bloodied in the gutter. finally, if you decide to date several girls at once, it happens to be smart to use two different hotels. when you’ve bedded an Asian girl, She will often show up unannounced at your hotel room door just in case you have another girl in bed.

    practical sense tells you to be careful where you go out by yourself at night. Westerners can be the target both of muggers and pimps eager to lead you to a so called private address where you’ll experience no girl, Or get worse, Robbers waiting to relieve you of your payments.

    When venturing out at night it is wise to ask the hotel concierge for the safest destination. They will most likely tell you exactly where and where not to go.

    When sucking money from ATMs, Do so in daylight where there are crowds around and do not show your hard-earned money. Quickly tuck it in your pocket and then transfer it to your wallet later when you are alone.

    It is also both wise and helpful to develop a friendship with at least one or two reliable men or women you can call if and when you encounter any problems. Carry their phone numbers with you at all times.

    Using common sense will generally keep you out of trouble But no matter which Asian country you visit, You would do well to keep your vision and ears always alert.

  9. nahim90mike2

    Самые лучшие проститутки СПб на одном сайте
    К услугам женщин «легкого поведения» или как их еще называют, самые лучшие проститутки СПб, обращаются не только одинокие «самцы», но и мужчины, скованные семейными узами. Последних привлекает часто не желание изменить благоверной, а обычная мужская похоть и тяга к новым сексуальным приключениям. А это на 100% гарантируют лучшие шлюхи СПб, анкеты которых собраны на одном сайте. Наши девочки готовы на любые эксперименты, и вряд ли их можно чем-либо удивить, ведь они настоящие профи в области сексуальных наслаждений.

  10. spanishwomenutv

    Could you share your accounts of success from online dating

    Post titles must be a detailed, In depth question and searchable using keywords, Or is certainly removed. DAE or questions that are answered with just a yes/no will dating in spanish be removed

    please make sure to use “Spoiler” Formatting where specific. grasp you would like to hide] who has (/spoiler), (Spoiler), alternatively (/s) To set-off. SPOILER

    Downvote only to indicate that either a comment or post does not add to discussion; Not to indicate difference. AskWomen advantages of honest answers with a variety of perspectives. on that note, asserting, “tell the truth, Is rude and pointless.

    become acquainted with Reddit 101.

    Use the report button on all comments and posts that violate the principles in the sidebar.

    Add pizzazz! we are flair for men, gals, Trans men, And gender unbiased people.

    Be very specific: Ask a question, Get a answer.

    it’s not a debate sub. I was hesitant, To be honest, And I got a lot of sms messages from weirdos. One day I got a text from a cute guy who made me laugh, And we met following messages. He was the first guy from your website I went on a date with, And we ended up clicking like I never clicked with anybody before. I totally fell excited about him, and i think he felt the same.

    We dated for a few more months, Though we unfortunately broke up last week. I was smitten with a mutual friend of ours. He invited all of us to play matches together regularly. Eventually my SO and I started talking we realized we lived close together, And our friend was kind of a self centered douche.

    We decided take a shot, So he drove up to meet me one weekend after talking on skype and the phone for hours every evening. We stayed in hotels all weekend.

    We now live together and we going to Disney World for our two year wedding in October. We still joke that requires a trip to Applebee (the best place we went the first night we met when he drove to my city) To get me to make love.

    Before he came along I would generally get messages from guys wanting sex, expressing to me their dick or calling me “girl” then “impressive, I hated that. I often found that men would either send generic message to all women or not read users at all. Any time I said I wasn looking at a guy I was “A fat bitch around, I was very lucky to receive a message only a period of time after opening my account from my future boyfriend, And he managed to pique my interest even though I wasn initially very drawn to him. (He has horrendous taste in pictures of himself.).

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    oh, online dating services. If you’ve dated before 20 years, You’ve likely encountered one or all of the myriad adult dating sites in some form.

    And as we’ve ever more moved our lives online, Digital dating’s completely shed the stigma it once carried, Leaving people free to meet others nevertheless they choose. currently there are the best dating sites for geeks, too as for gamers, And even the best dating sites for introverts. She would know: she’s been helping clients find love online since 1994.

    “People didn’t have cell phones and laptops, And consumer credit card debt was people would go home, Log on slowly and gradually, See who wrote to them and write back, she says. “The courtship absorb was a lot slower, So it took quite a while to get from the first interaction to actually going on a date. Plus in those times, There was a stigma of online dating. You did not tell people you met your better half, Or other half, as well as a date online,

    As we’ve been altered, So has the online dating site landscape. In recent years since their initial launches, The forefathers of dating sites have forged ahead on mobile while keeping their desktop roots.

    Here are our top picks for the online dating sites most worth your time:

    Zoosk is for those who want something serious, But are open to anyone in the world.

    What initially began as a application developers developed in 2007 has grown into a company with 35 million users in more than 80 countries. relatively asking its users for dating questions, Zoosk picks dates for its users based on a user’s on site activity. If you shoot a voice message to Jake Doe, for example, Zoosk says it’ll use that action to pick which types of profiles to show you going forward,Zoosk is thrilling flirty, Spira tells how. “It does appeal to a younger crowd more of a millennial crowd,

    Zoosk is free to enroll, But you need a paid subscription to interact with other users. The company also uses its own form of currency called Zoosk coins that are available for purchase. Daters can use these for features like adding a “augment” to their personal profiles in search or sending another user a “web gift, Users can look at the site on both desktop and mobile.

    Match is ideal for literally everyone.

    Before there were apps on which one could swipe right and left on a dizzying number of potential connections, it had Match. that is correct, Match is the mother of all dating site. unveiled back in 1995, Its decades in the business help it bring a ton of insight to the table for singles looking for all kinds of connections. And with its more recent push into mobile come a few new features that have helped make the ancient site more relevant, which included its very own version of Stories, popularized by Snapchat and, uh. Adopted by all the others. Match users can shoot little videos of their day or add voiceovers to photos and post them to their profiles for other users to visit. “Match is a family brand, Spira relates. “It’s the one where someone could see their granny on, And someone often see their grandson on. It has the most important critical mass, And they have done a fabulous job of maintaining the technology,

    It’s from a commercial perspective free to build a profile and browse for matches, But users who want to engage in direct messaging with their matches can upgrade to a paid membership, Which costs typically about $20 per month. there’s also a free trial option.

    Match users can browse on desktop and on mobile through its app. The site also recently added Missed hubs which, like app Happn, Tells users who they’ve crossed paths with just now. even more than 25,000 new users join every, ostensibly, And Spira suggests it “Spans a lot of different romantic relationship types, From casual to vital.

    AdultFriendFinder is our pick for the most powerful hookup site, And that’s because it’s literally impossible to walk away unhappy. It’s like a Pornhub that thorough background check interact with. no matter if you’re looking for an in person hookup or to blow off some steam via sexting or raunchy videos, AFF has whatever your dirty mind can think of and more. next to nothing is blurred out (neo, usually, There are lots of happily given dick pics), V=but store mind that the entire thing looks like a sketchy “There are latina women dating hot singles near you” commercial, you realize you’ll be in heaven. (Read our full report on AdultFriendFinder here.)

    with more than 25 million monthly users (That’s higher eharmony) as well as the live video options, forums, Groups for ultra professional kinks, and many more, You can probably assume how wild this site can get. but there is such a large and diverse group of potential matches, You’re very likely to hire a roofer who’s on the same page as you. The part that you wouldn’t expect is this they do offer tons of compatibility questions and matchmaking services, Because they’re that set on finding you a good lay.

    Another bonus is that AdultFriendFinder is like the dating site version of ny city (AKA it never rests). there are people who work the regular 9 5, individuals who work the night shift, And people in other time zones, So it’s nearly impossible to log on and not have people to talk to. AdultFriendFinder is like the booty call that’s always awake while you text them.

    research our full review on AdultFriendFinder here and sign up here.

    The dating site eharmony is best suited for straight people who really want to get married.

    set up in 2000 by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, Eharmony is the internet site for serious daters. relationships. (Read our full look at eharmony here.)

    Users answer a lengthy questionnaire that helps eharmony that which you can it calls a “A select group of compatible matches with whom you can build a quality break up, Spira says she every time seen eharmony as a “Matrimonial free dating online site,

    SEE of course: Read our full report on eharmony

    “that doesn’t mean you’re going to walk down the aisle, But it certainly means that you’re looking for a very romantic relationship that may or may not lead to marriage. It may lead to living together or at least being in a fashionable, Committed special connection,

    Profiles also look really nice, Like a fancy rsum designed by a graphic artist. You even have the option to put your favorite TV shows, music, includes, and a lot more on your profile, And I really appreciated that they allow your personality to be the main objective.

    While it’s free to make a free account, respond to questions, And see your matches, you’ll need to select a paid membership to make contact. a price start at $22.95 per month and eharmony is for sale on both desktop and through its app.

    It’s not recommended for users looking to date casually or for daters looking for same sex relationships. Offering men seeking women or men seeking women options should be a no brainer but eharmony’s founders are pretty conservative. Neil Warren, specific octogenarian cofounder and CEO, Insists that your ordeal wasn’t an anti gay thing at all. “We didn’t want to pretend to be experts on lgbt couples, Said Warren in a 2016 CNN publishing.

    The site is literally called iHookup and it’s used for what it really sounds like need we say anything else? It’s slightly less risqu than its main adversary AdultFriendFinder, But still clearly used for the same thing.

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