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The worst online passwords of 2015

If your password is on the list, now it's the perfect time to change it.

Some of the worst online passwords of 2015 are now revealed: If you can find yours on this list please change it immediately

The 25 worst online passwords

1/ 123456
I am not at all interested in wasting my time with basics. This sort of thinking can create serious consequences. just do it, change your password and save your personal information.

2/ password
I forgot my secret answers and I do not even have time for this kind of stuff.

3/ 12345678
I tried all options but the computer insists that I add two more characters.

4/ qwerty
I am absolutely sure that the password is correct, I do not understand why the computer insists that I have to try again.

5/ abc123
The number five is my favorite number since long time

6/ 123456789
This is my lucky number.

7/ 111111
I managed to find one of the few passwords that’s easy to remember. “shit how many numbers (1) were?

8/ 81234567
These are my lucky numbers!

9/ iloveyou
Dedicated to my ex.

10/ adobe123
You’ll never guess my Facebook password!

11/ 123123
Just because simplicity is the hardest thing to find, this password no one will find it for sure.

12/ admin
Hahahahaha what about this one. You that think you’re clever?

13/ 1234567890
No one can get this one because it’s so logic.

14/ letmein
Even I have failed with my own password..

15/ photoshop
They insist that passwords should be different for each program and this one makes all sense for me.

16/ 1234
I’m tired of always answering the same questions

17/ monkey
I thought among human and monkey at the end I decided monkey.

18/ shadow
Why this word? Simply because I had a bad day, that’s all.

19/ sunshine
This word reminds me of my neighbor.

20/ 12345
I began to hate this so much technology at end for nothing.  I spend all my time with this story of passwords I should get paid for this.

21/ password1
My last password was compromised, so I added a “1” this time for extra security.

22/ princess
I cannot be bothered anymore To be honest I am not a computer or a machine. How can I can remember so many numbers and passwords?

23/ azerty
I’m tired today, I had a bad at work, I have no time for clowning around.

24/ trustno1
Surely no one will guess that this number is a password..

25/ 000000
My last password was compromised, so “0”  sounds like my lucky number ahahahah this time for extra security..

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