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How to Spot a Liar?

I just Learned few techniques to spot a liar

According to this agent there are several principles that any individual must understand to detect if it is being cheated.

FBI agent David Chaves reveals 8 techniques to tell if someone is a liar.

1. Liars will repeat a question verbatim
2. Liars overemphasize their truthfulness: “To tell you the truth …”
“Honestly …” “I swear”
3. Liars won’t use contractions in their denials: “Do not” instead of “Don’t”
4. Liars lips disappear: It shows great anxiety and stress — a lie can follow

5. Liars tend to adjust their tie or stroke their neck
6. Watch for cheek- or face-touching, exhaling with puffed cheeks, rubbing the forehead, or playing with a necklace
7. Liars WILL make direct eye contact.
8. The deceivers’ native language is the lie!

How-to-Spot-a-Liar? - Carlos Simpson, Blog

All of us are liars sometimes - About 4% of people are accomplished liars and they can do it well

1 – How is the person smiling?

2 – How is the person speaking?

3 – What is the person saying?

4 – Does the body language makes sense?

5 – Look for Insincere Emotions


6 – Pay Attention to Gut Reactions

7 –  Watch for Microexpressions

8 – Look for Contradictions

9 – Too Much Detail

10 – A Sense of Unease


Something I know is that the idea of eye can be if not most of the time be a bit tricky for the simple reason that a liar is prepared. So he or she knows all of this I am writing on this blog. Keep in mind that too much or too little eye contact can be a little suspicious. Not necessarily but it is advisable to not forget this. Often a sensitive and honest person can act in a similar way to a liar without even mean to, in this case we take the risk of judging someone in a negative way and unfair. It is easier sometimes to judge an honest person than to catch a liar, so be very careful with any decision regarding to this.

Another detail can be restlessness or anxiety; is the person you’re talking to very fidgety? It does not mean 100% that the person is lying but may be a sign of it.

If we ask a child:
– who broke this? We will find that the child becomes restless and nervous, so (normally) something similar happens with an adult. Another detail can be noticed in the way the person breathes. A person when is nervous as a general rule has difficulty in breathing so they tend to breathe through the mouth instead of breathing through the nose and almost simultaneously starts to look from the bottom upwards and vice versa.