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2015 – The Most inspiring websites

Take An Online Course

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edX— Take online courses from the world’s best universities.

Coursera — Take the world’s best courses, online, for free.

Coursmos — Take a micro-course anytime you want, on any device.

Highbrow — Get bite-sized daily courses to your inbox.

Skillshare — Online classes and projects that unlock your creativity.

Curious — Grow your skills with online video lessons. — Learn technology, creative and business skills.

CreativeLive — Take free creative classes from the world’s top experts.

Udemy — Learn real world skills online.

Learn How To Code

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Codecademy — Learn to code interactively, for free. — Learn how to code from scratch.

Udacity — Earn a Nanodegree recognized by industry leaders.

Platzi — Live streaming classes on design, marketing and code.

Learnable — The best way to learn web development.

Code School — Learn to code by doing.

Thinkful — Advance your career with one-on-one mentorship. — Start learning today with easy tutorials.

BaseRails — Master Ruby on Rails and other web technologies.

Treehouse — Learn HTML, CSS, iPhone apps & more.

One Month — Learn to code and build web applications in one month.

Dash — Learn to make awesome websites.

Learn To Work With Data

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DataCamp — Online R tutorials and data science courses.

DataQuest— Learn data science in your browser.

DataMonkey— Develop your analytical skills in a simple, yet fun way.

Learn New Languages

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Duolingo — Learn a language for free.

Lingvist — Learn a language in 200 hours.

Busuu — The free language learning community.

Memrise — Use flashcards to learn vocabulary.

Expand Your Knowledge

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TED-Ed — Find carefully curated educational videos.

Khan Academy— Access an extensive library of interactive content. — Search the largest collection of online guides.

Squareknot — Browse beautiful, step-by-step guides.

Learnist — Learn from expertly curated web, print and video content.

Prismatic — Learn interesting things based on social recommendation.

Learning How to Learn

Learning How to Learn, Carlos Simpson Blog - typography-print, Online shop

Neurobonkers – Learning How to Learn

Coursera – Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

Marcandangel – 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

Ratatype – Learn How To Touch Type

“A new study shows that a midday nap can help you retain information, as well as learn new skills: The study, published in Nature Neuroscience, found participants allowed a 90-minute nap between learning the first task and the second task, did not show much improvement in the evening, but did show a marked performance improvement on the following morning. “

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