Since some time I really wonder what the handwriting of the fashion elite really means. By doing handwriting analysis, I end up understanding that the tools and materials these fashion legends using as points, hooks and lassos, mean more than meets the eye.
When doing a research I end up understanding in a way the script of fashion dignitaries.

Miuccia Prada, according to his handwriting is authoritative, witty, thoughtful and charming.
John Galliano, on the other hand, is impatient, passionate, impulsive, creative and sensitive.

The signature and even the drawings made by hand are I believe the psychological portrait of the designer’s work which means that the work conveys the strength represented in the trace made by hand. In spite of every day the arise of new tools in the market that replace the traditional paper and pen, the hand and the strength of this remains very important step in the creation and development process of the work.

I found the day a very interesting and effective tool which I believe indispensable in the hands of many designer and creatives. The Diotek, will soon place a new generation digital pen on the market. It will have an embedded handwriting text recognition system available for Samsung and other devices. This type of system for me personally is something besides renewing and revolutionary in the sense that the notion of time and lost reduces dramatically in bringing benefits also taking into account that the trace of the hand do not suffer even any loss.

Also it is no longer news: most of the children – because of computers (when using) and text messages – They are no longer able to write by hand, except in block of letters done with effort. Why should we regret the passing of beautiful writing? The ability to write well and quickly on the keyboard encourages fast thinking and often (not always) the spell checker underlines errors. I believe that mobile phones and most of all social networks are the most responsible for this change. Is that good for our young people? Does it is not time to review this situation! In fact I do not understand why people demonstrate fear in relation to this fact. What I clearly notice is that more and more there is a deeper connection in between the machine and man. Certainly for better use and benefit for man in general. This hyperlink embraces a universe of factors.



  1. Vickie Figueroa

    Hi Carlos, I am a fashion designer i’d love to collaborate with you in any of your projects… one day if possible.

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