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A concise guide to Google products, services, applications, and other offerings

google groups

Google Groups – With a rich experience to talk and discuss topics in the community Google Groups allow you to create and participate online forums and groups based on email.

  • Completely Free – This feature is completely free so there is nothing wrong in trying it.
  • No Need of Hosting – It’s hosted is completely free and because is managed by Google, it means is safe as well.
  • Customization Feature -You can customize your forum according to your need. You can set permission and manage topics, members, forums, chat rooms, announcement boards, etc. With ease. Do not forget a very important detail.

When you create a group, make sure you are creating the right type to avoid dysfunctionalities and Keep in mind that every group has very granular settings

  • 1. Email List
  • 2. Web Forum (discussion board)
  • 4. Collaborative inbox

Google Groups


Google Mobile Services

Find the most popular apps from Google, all in just one place. These apps work together seamlessly to ensure your device provides a great user experience right out of the box take it with you if possible work and have fun.

Google Mobile


Google News is a computer-generated news site that aggregates headlines from news sources worldwide, groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader’s personalized interests. Traditionally, news readers first pick a publication and then look for headlines that interest them.”

Google News

google picasa

Google Picasa now Google Photos

Nothing is more important to us than our precious digital photos, so keeping them stored safely in the cloud is crucial.

To make it easier and  more efficient Google has decided to remove Picasa to focus on a new and smarter application that works seamlessly on the Web and on any mobile device.

So it works very similar to Apple Photos. The difference is Apple Photos comes baked into Apple’s own mobile and desktop operating systems, and it’s a little harder to access on other platforms. Google Photos, like a lot of Google products, are made to be used with an internet connection.

Google Photos lets you back up an unlimited number of photos and videos, The only against is that you will only have to resize the images to a Google standard (16 megapixels and videos top out at 1080p). In case you want to upload to your original photos without changing the dimensions. The application uses google drive offering 15gb free and 100gb for the price of $1.99 per month on the upgrade conditions.

Icloud storage instead will give you 5GB for free, By paying a little extra you can easily add more space. Prices starting at $0.99 a month for just 50 GB.

Both Google Photos and Icloud organize your pictures by date, with the newest images showing up first.

Google Photos


Get Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar for business.

This is Powerful Online Office Tools which gives you a 14 day trial!

Sign in with your Google Account and you will find the best of Google in just one app.
G Suite is a brand of cloud computing developed by Google and launched on August 28, 2006 make working together easier, for faster decisions and better business results.

Google Apps


How We Will Make Purchaises In The Future?

Some believe that plastic cards and cash are a thing of the past.
The arrival of Google Wallet and Bitcoin kind of proving that yes. But this is just the beginning.

This application allows users to store their credit card information on their smartphone and make purchases using Near Field Communication.

All you have to do is simply slide the phone as if it were any credit card or debit card in front of a wireless reader to pay for your necessities such as goods, public transport, restaurants, etc.

Three important you must do to avoid serious problems against you:

  • Set a strong password.
  • Put an auto-lock on your device and enable your screen to lock after five minutes.
  • Download a mobile security software program.

Google Wallet

Google Blogger

Having a blog is a great thing because you can share anything you want.

It’s important for your content to reach out people who can derive value from it.

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Google Blogger

Google Analitycs

Google Analytics to make content marketing decisions also allows you to track your social networking sites and applications.

Google Analytics

Google adsense

AdSense – is the easy way to place ads on your website and simple way to earn money from your online content and is a free.

Google Adsense


Google AdWords – Advertise locally and attract customers with the products that they’re searching for.Google AdWords scripts provide a way of controlling your AdWords account using JavaScript code.

Be Found…

Google Adwords


Google Keep – is a free note-taking and syncing app with a nifty OCR feature Keep is a syncing notepad that connects to Google Drive. The perfect way to capture, edit, share, and collaborate on your notes on any device, anywhere

Google Keep


Google Timer – Online time that helps you to create your timers with optional alarms and start/pause/stop them simultaneously or sequentially it also allows you to count your time like never before and its free.

Google Timer – Stopwatch Online

Google Sky

Google Sky – is a feature which was created on August 27th of 2007 for Google Earth giving users the ability to  navigate the night sky. you can use this application to view a map of the stars in the night sky as well as Google Mars and Google Moon.

Google Sky

GOOgle ngrams

Ngram Viewer – Google Books


Google numeric to English

google inputtools

“Manual” feature in Google Translate that lets you draw characters or symbols.

Google Input Tools

think with google

Think with Google: Marketing Research & Digital Trends


Sound Search for Google Play – Android Apps on Google Play