The most confusing road signs in the UK

Road signs that will make you look twice. What this means? It means “National Speed limit applies”. As we all should know, for cars that means 30mph in built-up urban roads with street lighting, 60mph on single carriageway roads and 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways. What do you think this means? Generally it means [...]

Signs and Symbols

I love to share my thoughts with others and enjoy seeing the potential effect it may create in their lives. Signs and Symbols / The Process of Design The first step in problem solving is to recognize that a problem exists, because you have looked at a situation as it is now and you can [...]

The psychology of imitation

My space was an innovation while Facebook a brilliant imitation I usually say that we are what we see, hear and touch in this way the imitation. It seems to me that what we often call innovation includes a large amount of imitation. Attitudes of Imitation may create sweeping waves in behaviors in order of generating [...]

I Think, Therefore I am

This is the simple philosophical evidence of the existence based upon the fact that someone or something capable of any kind of thinking necessarily exists. Sometimes I believe that these words prevailed somehow in Rene Descartes mind “I Think, Therefore I am Confused". The quote, comes from The Discourse on Method, originally written in french. I [...]


It's overthinking a problem or a big problem? Since my childhood I like to think. I like to put myself on the position of the other and thus try to understand situations not only the social level, professional as well the personal. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the middle ground, I mean the [...]

Ways Of Saying Sorry

“Doing The Right Thing” Why say sorry if you can say thank you instead? We all make mistakes and it's nothing wrong with that. My concern on this start with: "Sorry I didn't mean to" you say it because its the easiest way to escape from the trouble or just because it sounds nice and [...]

How to Spot a Liar?

I just Learned few techniques to spot a liar According to this agent there are several principles that any individual must understand to detect if it is being cheated. FBI agent David Chaves reveals 8 techniques to tell if someone is a liar. 1. Liars will repeat a question verbatim 2. Liars overemphasize their truthfulness: [...]

Do you need money to make more money?‏

I have not yet published here my 25 rules to survive in our beautiful World. Undoubtedly my favorite one is: - When you really start to feel the pain is no doubt the moment when it starts to count in your favor.   Have a vision. No pain no game. Ignore the other people eyes [...]

The worst online passwords of 2015

If your password is on the list, now it's the perfect time to change it. Some of the worst online passwords of 2015 are now revealed: If you can find yours on this list please change it immediately The 25 worst online passwords1/ 123456 I am not at all interested in wasting my time with [...]


Success-Failure Success How to get from where you are to where you want to be. Time management and getting things done can be one step towards to success. I believe that in most cases the success requires a mathematical formula in which the time factor holds a very important position. In both my professional and [...]

Survival Rules

The 16 survival rules for by Robert Parsons, CEO of 1- Get and stay out of your comfort zone. I believe that not much happens of any significance when we’re in our comfort zone. I hear people say, “But I’m concerned about security.” My response to that is simple: “Security is for cadavers.” 2- [...]

The Missing Ink

The Missing Ink or The lost art of handwriting: I remember those days when I dreamed of receiving a set of pens in my birthday, it was something really special it was like a door to my imagination, a tool that later directed me to visual arts and then Graphic Design. The need I had [...]


Handwriting-Fashion Since some time I really wonder what the handwriting of the fashion elite really means. By doing handwriting analysis, I end up understanding that the tools and materials these fashion legends using as points, hooks and lassos, mean more than meets the eye. When doing a research I end up understanding in a way [...]


To Instantly Boost Your Confidence Be(you)full The “People Observation” technique -Street style - Be(you)full The “People Observation” technique -Street style - I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. The Body Maybe our bodies have something to do with our continued existence; as long as my body continues to exist, I continue to [...]